Lite-on 52246

I just put in the drive with a fresh windows xp installation and then installed Nero 55917. The drive is flashed with 6S08 firmware.

Opening Nero Infotools told me my drive was 52x read, 52x write.
Closed Infotools.
Starting Nero I noticed that 40x was my max speed.
Closed Nero.
Opened Infotools again and now it says 12x read, 40x write.

Any ideas?

windows xp sp1
MSI kt3 ultra-aru
athlon xp 1700
plextor 8/20 (scsi adaptec 2940)
lite-on 52246

These speed changes with the media in your drive. Put another disk in and see what speed it says.

Yeah I noticed this a few minutes after I posted here. Either way, thanks for the help.