Lite On 52/24/52 CDex reading error



I rip all my audio CDs in my Lite On 52/24/52 using CDex 1.50. On all audio CDs that have a final data track, I get one read error (1X) on the last music track. Every single time, no matter what I do. I thought it was just the way “enhanced audio CDs” were set up, some discrepency between the end of the last audio track and the beginning of the enhanced content that caused the final read error. It was always just a single read-error and it happened at the very end of the song and is completely inaudible. I was content.

Well, for kicks, I tried ripping the CD with my much slower Pioneer DVD-RW drive. It rips the last track perfectly, getting an “OK” instead of a “1X.”

Is there something wrong with my Lite On? Can someone with the drive please check this for me?