Lite-On 5045 View Channels in another room

I have my Satellite Dish and TV aerial connected to my 5045 and on to a TV (scart for Satellite and Cable for TV). I have another cable running from the TV to another room but cannot pick up the satellite channel. What am I doing wrong???

No replies on this - anyone new help??? I had no problem doing it this way with a previous video recorder.

When you say cable I presume you mean UHF cable.
To get everything into the other room,get a scart splitter(1 input-2 outputs),one output will go to the tv as normal,the other will need to be converted to uhf.You can do this by buying a RF modulator but the cheapest way might be to use an old video recorder.So you could scart into the video recorder,set the channel to show the scart input(AV1) and the video would output what ever was going in through the scart,out through the UHF cable and that UHF cable could be run to anywhere you liked.
If you set it up correctly you could watch sat or dvd or normal tv in the other room(but only at UHF quality ofcourse)