Lite-on 5045 timer won't clear

Anyone have any hints on why the timer screen on the Lite-on 5045 won’t clear once successful recordings have been made. They are set as once only & according to the manual, should clear once completed.
Also can you watch DVDs while recording to the HDD?

I’m not fully sure why the timers remain after successful recordings have been made, however my opinion would be that they are left there such that you can reuse them later on by just modifying the parameters. :rolleyes:

If you need to delete a timer, highlight the timer you wish to delete and press the your remote’s ‘Enter’ button to go into its parameters screen. Navigate down to ‘Reset’ and press ‘Enter’ to clear the parameters. Finally navigate to ‘OK’ and press Enter and when you return to the timer’s screen, this timer should be gone. :wink:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch a DVD or another recording while a recording is taking place. The only thing you can play is the current recording taking place from an earlier point. To do this, press the ‘Play’ button and the DVD player will start showing the current recording from the beginning. You can also navigate back & forth within the recording up until about 10 seconds before the ‘live’ point. To return to the live point, press the ‘Stop’ button once.