Lite-on 5045 Lw tuner woes



After readin the reviews (and the review article here) for Liteon 5045 I got one for me (US version) and other than some quirks it is a solid product.

So happens that my Gf’s parents were looking for a similar type of device and I strong suggested the 5045. It so happens they are in India (oversight about NTSC cable signal in USA and PAL cable signal in India, major DOH) and they somehow managed to get one form here(USA to India).

Now obviously the input signal on the cable is PAL and the Lite-on is expecting a NTSC signal, so is there are standalone hardware converter/tuner that wud fix this problem that anyone knows off?

Thanks for any and all insight, hopefully i can find a fix for this or i am toast :a

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Due to the different colour signalling, frame rate, lines and TV frequencies between US NTSC and International PAL broadcasts I don’t think the LVW-5045’s built-in tuner will be capable of tuning in PAL broadcasts. I would recommend giving it a try just for curiosity sake.

On the other hand, the LVW-5045 can be set to ‘PAL’ via the setup menu, which will allow the recording of external PAL equipment such as from satellite, a cable tuner, etc. Unfortunately, the only standalone TV tuner I’m aware of is the VCR, which means that if the main purpose of this DVD recorder was to completely eliminate the VCR (or avoiding the purchase of one), I don’t think there is any other standalone TV tuner. If they have Digital cable (or a separate cable decoder), this would be the only alternative, but with the drawback of not being able to watch cable and record off another channel at the same time.


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Thank You,

I will try the two methods. and depends on the ouput will post what worked and what didnt.

I did read abt the vcr workaround from some searching (yes trying to get away from old VHS tapes) but as a last resort still worth a shot.

Ok i was thinking a lil more about it so there are two options as it stands right now

  1. set LV 5045 to PAL form the setup menu (do you have the menu path handy :o ?)
  2. input pal cable signal->vcr (signal conversion)->output as ntsc signal->LV 5045


Setting the LVW-5045 to PAL is fairly straight forward:

[li]Press the ‘Setup’ button the remote.
[/li][li]Ensure the first option is selected and press ‘Enter’.
[/li][li]Navigate down to ‘TV Type’ and press ‘Enter’.
[/li][li]Select ‘PAL’, press enter and press ‘Setup’ to exit the menu.

Note that from what I have read about, setting the LVW-5045 only sets the AV inputs & outputs and recording method to PAL. The internal TV tuner is an NTSC broadcast tuner.

The image below shows the actual setup menu screen with the TV-Type selection. :wink:


Thanks Again for the visual and all…jus tried doing it but still after that it doesnt scan the tv channels and the screen goes blank so recording is a far cry…this setup i had tried but its not working.What else?