Lite-On 5045 Cannot View TV while using Timer Record

When I set the Timer Record to record a program, I cannot watch anything on the TV as the screen keeps rolling. Have I got my connections :frowning: set up incorrectly???


I have the same problem with my LiteOn 5002 DVD-Recorder, have you managed to find out what the problem is ???



No one replied to my post so I have not sorted the problem yet. It may be that this is the way it is supposed to work but I would have thought that there was a way around it.


For some strange reason, on certain TV’s the SCART will take over the TV either when a Pin-8 voltage is present or if the equipment is set to RGB output. The LiteOn LVW-5045 I have definitely does not have an option to select between the device and TV mode, which means that if the TV forces the SCART to show while a Pin-8 voltage is present, the only way to watch TV while recording is to physically disconnect the SCART lead. :doh:

As RGB output is the most common cause that I’m aware of, I would recommend switching the output setting to ‘Component’. When ‘Component’ is selected, the LiteOn will output a composite signal via its SCART output. My TV has this same issue, which means that if I need to schedule a recording, I must set the LiteOn to component output first in order to watch TV while the recording takes place.

To select the ‘Component’ out setting, press ‘Setup’ -> (top icon along left) -> ‘Video Output’ and select ‘Component’. Once your recording finishes, change this back to ‘Scart RGB’ to get the best picture while watching DVDs. :wink:

I have just bought a 5045 and have the same problem with rolling screen once the Timer Record starts. I get around this by pressing play (this starts showing the recoding from the start) and the screen returns to normal. If you want to get back to live TV then press the stop button. The screen is still OK. This doesn’t give a permianent fix for the problem, but does get you able to watch whilst the channel is being recorded via the Timer Record function.