Lite-On 5007 DVD+R & TV GUIDE Questions

I just bought the Lite-On 5007 DVD Recorder from Sears for 149 (which I updated the firmware). And I have a few questions that maybe someone can answer. First, I have recorded some copies of home videos but they seem to work on only a few DVD players (Lite-On 2001 & Apex 1100w), but seem to jerk on other players. I recorded on Verbatim DVD+R (the ones that look like reel-to-reels), should I try a different brand, which ones record the best. Second, I would like to get my TVguide working but I have DIRECTv, will it still work even though it ask if the DVD recorder is connect to a cable box. I wrote Lite-on and e-mail but have not received a response, and I wanted to ask on this forum before I call.
Thank You (in advance)

I purchased the unit on Monday. Finally, have it all set up and TV Guide downloaded. If I recall correctly, I read (either in the manual or on the TV Guide site) that the online guide doesn’t function with satellite. Check out the TV Guide site at:

I just bought a 5007 used on e-bay but it didn’t come with a user manual and I have no idea how to hook it up. Can someone please help me?

You can download the manual here: