Lite on 5006 put in cd msg

hi there guys,im a newbie here,names craig,hope to be here a long time,anyway on to my problem,i was recently given a lite on 5006 dvdrecorder,the reason i was given it was because of a failed firmware flash or so im told,

anyway when powered up its says hello(how polite) then just says put in disc,no picture is displayed on screen-now ive had a good look round here and decided id try and do the firmware update but after making a bit of a racket the display just says error

the machine was made aug 2005 sn is 0101 0243 1163 f2sc and i think that the file that failed was LNHBE098.ES5 although i cant be sure.

is the machine buggered,or is there some way to restore it-thanks i appreciate you looking at this post and any help greatly recieved

Welcome to the CD Freaks forum :wink:

The request to put in a disc is an indication that its firmware has gone corrupt. For example, if your DVD recorder was working fine up until you tried updating its firmware, then the firmware you tried loading is at fault. Antoher possibility is the result of a power surge/spike, such as after a power outage.

To be on the safe site, I would recommend downloading that firmware again just in case the one you are trying to load is damaged. This firmware should be written to a CD-R or CD-RW in the same way as you would go about writing a document or other files to it. I tried the serial number you gave on Lite-On’s website to try and check what firmware is available, however it kept giving ‘Invalid code’, but then again it also asks for the country the DVD recorder it was purchased in, since Lite-On DVD recorders from different regions have take different firmware. For example, a Lite-On model bought in Germany will not accept firmware designed for a UK model.

Finally, just ensure that your CD-R or CD-RW containing the updated firmware is free of scratches, fingerprints, etc. and make sure you enable Verification when writing the disc to make sure it has written to the disc successfully.

oh i forgot the region,sorry,its uk,i think the drive may be buggered,ive tried loads of fws for the uk model and they all just spin up then throw out an error,is there any way to flash the system fw strait to the board-via jtag or something,it just seems odd that theres no menu or logo or owt now

thanks sean for taking an interest,ive been on a few boards where the new kids just get ignored,nice to know they dont here

Sorry to hear about the continued problems after different firmware attempts. I tried the serial number you mentioned on Lite-On’s European firmware update site and get a choice of a system update firmware and a drive update firmware. I assume you have this a try. Just in case you have only been trying firmware elsewhere, this is the link to Lite-On’s offical firmware download page:

Select the “xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx (xxx - xxx)” option and enter your serial number on following screen, select ‘UK’ as your country and click ‘Submit’. Download the system update firmware “LNEBE176.DSU.upd.once.rar” and extract both files (LNEB2176.DSU and LNEBE176.DSU) and place them both on a CD-R and CD-RW and give this disc a try.

If you have already tried the above, the only other suggestion is to get it repaired or replaced, especially since it looks like it is still under warranty, going by the date of manufacture. :wink:

The other likely issue I can think of is a bad flash memory chip. For example, if the flash memory has developed a bad block, this would likely explain why it will not power up, since a checksum of its flash contents will fail and when you try loading firmware on to it, it will most likely give a checksum error also and thus act as if the firmware disc is corrupt or invalid.

ah i havent tried both on a disc at once,i thought they had to be done seperatly,ill give that a go,although i aint sure how since the drive seems to be buggered now-it does look like ill have to try and get it repaired

thanks again sean your help is appreciated