Lite-On 5006 & Progressive Scan Output



I’m not exaclty sure of this myself so I thought better to ask here before doing anything, I’m planning to purchase a BenQ DV2680 LCD TV, in a review I read it mentioned that enabling progressive scan output was needed for this display with your DVD player.

My UK 5006B I know supports progressive scan output in fact I have the option in the setup menu but will it actually work over the RGB scart connection is what I want to know so has anyone else got a PAL LCD TV and progressive scan with a Lite-On DVDR working :confused:

[According to the TV manual which I downloaded the component video timings supports 576P but I do not know if that applies to the scart as well and I have other devices I wish to use with the component input so I can’t have the 5006 on it]


If you refer to your 5006 manual it confirms that Progressive Scan can only be used via the Component connection.

You may be able to use a switchbox to connect more than 2 devices with component to your TV, try these:


Thanks for the info HelloShaun I’ll check out one of those switch boxes

thx again.