Lite-On 5001

Hi, I have a problem with the above. When I first bought it, I purchased some record once only dvd disks and they were accepted without any problems.
Now, they are not accepted. I get a fail message or a change disk message.
The same disks are accepted by my pc. Re-writable disks are accepted without any problems.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are these the same pack of disks, or another pack of the same brand? What brand are they?

It`s the same pack. The brand is Infiniti.

A little more info would be helpfull (format and speed). Media quality is the first thing to look at. If they are crappy disks, its possible that the ones that did work, marginally worked and the ones that are not working are a little bit lower quality. Another posibility is that you got two diffrent brands of media in the same pack. while most manufactures don’t do this, some do (like memorex). Infiniti doesn’t make any of thier own disks and it looks like out of the 7 diffrent formats and speeds they sell, thier are 22 diffrent brands they use. Some of them are crappy and some are good (not the strangest, many companies just use whatever they can get cheapest so sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s crap).
If you have a dvd burner or dvd rom on your computer, download this free program
and find out the manufacture and media id (who really made the disks).
If not, about all I can sugest to try trouble shooting it is try diffrent media to start with. Staples have maxell on sale. Try some maxell dvd+r 4x. The 4x will usally be ricohjpnr01 (thats the true manufacture). I’m not sure about the liteon standalone burners like you have, but liteon computer burners generally love this media and support it very well (it is very good quality media). I wouldn’t even be suprized if it burns it at 8x (many computer burners support burning it at 8x).
If you can post more info about the media you have perhaps we can help more.

Theyre rewritable DVD and the speed is set by the recorder (no options). I dont think this is relevant because the recorder just says failed as soon as I put the disk in.
Ive tried it with TDK and Packard Bell disks and it works perfectly. I can understand that some disks are sometimes unacceptable, but its curious that the Infiniti ones worked perfectly at first.
Ah well, another one of those strange happenings we sometimes get with all this modern technoligy.
Thanks for trying.

If they are rewritable (dvd+rw 2.4x I assume), the only thing listed that they could be are ricohjpnw01 which are not only good but are also the most common. Since they are rewritable, are these new disks that have never been used, or are they ones that have been rewritten several times. Sometimes they just prematurly die if you have been using them. If they are new, the only thing I could think are maybe you got some defective ones?
It could of course be that your burner just doesn’t always get along with that particular disk (it’s been known to happen and cause intermitent problems). Ricohjpnw01 are very common (even tdk’s can be them but can also be other things). You can look media that you are considering buying up here
to see what it is liklly to be. It can get frustrating if you don’t as you may run into several diffrent brands of media that are problamatic, and you might think thier is something wrong with your burner, but in reality, they are all the same disks with diffrent brands on them. The best thing to do is to read the media code off the disks if you have a computer with a dvd-rom or burner. Then you know for sure what the media is (since some brands may be diffrent things for the same media).