Lite-On 4x DVDRW drive to 8x, double layer DVDRW drive possible

I just posted the article Lite-On 4x DVDRW drive to 8x, double layer DVDRW drive possible.

  Lite-On  drives have always been very popular on our forums. Not only because they offer good 

quality burns for a relative low price but also because they can be
‘overclocked’. Overclocking…

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Of course you would do this right after I bought the 832s:) Well, guess I will flash my 851s and have two DL drives.

“Overclocking was named after OC-Freak who was one of the first to discover this.” LOL!!!:p:p

The article posted should at least mention that this was all made possible by the hardwork of Code65536 and C0deKing… Much Respect to them!

Thanks to Code65536 and Codeking I now own a 832s look-alike :wink: Now we just have to wait for DL media to drop to a fair price.

Assuming the firmware update works reliably (and I have to say I flashed my 851S this morning) but haven’t tried it with DL Media because like every one else I’m steering clear until the price is realistic. It would tend to show that the Lite-ON drives are a pretty damn good hardware platform. Particularly if this works reliably on the 451S. Quite impressive. Make’s you wonder how many more drives might take this kind of ‘punishment’…

:c Hmm I take it no chance on 411/811’s being able to do this because of the different laser used?

I’ve downloaded the modded firmware but I am not going to flash my drive unless I can get some DL media. you are right about the price, it’s rocket-high, no use risking my drive for features I won’t probably use for a long while.

EXACTLY why I bought a Lite-On. Lite-On rules :B