Lite-ON 4x BD-Rom DH-401S at 79.97$ - 20%


the Lite-ON BD-Rom DH-401S is on liquidation at my Job. 79.87$ and I get an extra 20% off.

I use a Full HD Monitor (ACER H213H)

what do you guys think? should I go for it ?

Are you in the US? If so, then no, it’s not worth it, you can get a new 4x version for $60 (OEM).

I live in Canada. actually I get 25% off so id pay 60$

Unfortunately, Newegg Canada doesn’t carry the LiteOn iHOS104, which I was basing the price from Newegg USA.

I can get the LiteOn iHOS104 for 79$. is there a big difference between them ?

If I remembered correctly, the 401S had some compatibility driver problem and needed an external driver from either Panasonic or Toshiba to make it work properly. It wouldn’t surprise me if the iHOS104 is the same drive, but just updated to support the latest O/S.

okay. thank you for your help