Lite-On 48x24x48 vs LG 48x24x48 (16x DVD)?

which would u take? I already have a dvd-burner. I heard the LG can only rip at 6x (my nd-2500a seems to do it at 12x after firmware flash).

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I’d go for the LiteOn drive. Although the LG isn’t that bad, the LiteOn appears to perform equal or better in any task. The price should be about equal as well, so I think there aren’t too much reasons too choose for LG.

I’m sorry I can’t be very detailled about the LG, as I only know it from articles etc, but I’m very convinced that the LiteOn really is a (way) better choice.

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I tend to agree with Dee-ehn on the LG drive. There’s nothing really wrong with LG drives, but it’s just that LiteOn tends to have an edge in a lot of areas.
Furthermore, LiteOn drives handle copy protected discs quite well in general whereas LG usually doesn’t.

Yes, I too agree with Dee-ehn.

Mainly because LiteON drives have a better reputation than LG drives, many more people have them(many more people can help you out), and a great LiteON community.