Lite-On 48x24x48 LTR-48246S Flash failure trying to flash to 522448S

I need some help. I just got a LTR-48246S and had updated the firmware to the latest which is SS09. Everything worked fine and have been burning using it. Decided to flash the drive to make it a 52x24x52 using the latest firmware version from Lite-On - which is 6S07 (after converting their Windows flash to a .bin file). Am using MTKFlash 1.55. Whenever I tried to flash the drive - it hung! Green light is on and nothing else… have unplugged the power, unplugged the cable and power to drive, re-booted. Nothing changes - still ‘green light’ on drive. Have tried to re-flash - all to no avail. Green light is still on and MTKFlash will not recognize the drive, my computer does not recognize the drive.

Thanks in advance for solution to recover the drive. Please give explicit step by step instructions please. Either post the responses here on the forum or email me at:

Have WinXP Pro, SP1 512MB Ram,
Motherboard Dell with Intel SE440BX-3
Lite-On DVD Rom LTD 165H
along with the LTR-48246S Celeron 1.2 processor – if this has anything to do with my problem.
Jim McCants

You were in Real DOS when you tried to flash, right? You should try using mtkflash 1.48.

Yes, I was in real dos.

I took both DVD and CR-RW drives out; made sure the DVD is set to master, CD-RW set to slave – both are on primary IDE channel. Computer does not see the CD-RW at all. I then ran MTKFlash 2 C twice - once with ver 1.48 and once with ver 1.55 of MTKFLash.

Result of 1.48:
ManuID : da ManuId1 : 1 dDevId :46
Flash Type: WINBOND (W29C040)
Please REBOOT your PC!

Result of 1.55:
ManuID : da ManuId1 : 1 dDevId :46
Flash Type: WINBOND (W29C040) (+5.0V)
Please REBOOT your PC!

Green light is still on! Will not go off. I’ve tried to flash the drive using SS09.bin for 48246S
using 6S07.bin for 52246S

Still no joy. Does anyone have a working suggestion?
Sure would appreciate some help. And yes, I’m booting with a dos boot disk make by XP Pro which shows Win ME when it boots.

Thanks for the help!

Originally posted by DiamondJim
…And yes, I’m booting with a dos boot disk make by XP Pro which shows Win ME when it boots…

Read this.

I’ve booted up with DOS 6.22 and attempted MTKFlash again - with 1.48 and 1.55 – no joy! The light still stays green. flash with the ‘C’ and I get the same results as in the last posted message. Does anyone know how to get a flash to work? I’m indebted to dhc014 - our moderator for his help - but, nothing is even giving me a shot at getting this drive to take a flash. There must be a way - I hope!

I wasn’t totally sure before, but I believe that you are using the wrong command to flash your drive. I hope you read the mtkflash guide

To flash a drive:

MTKFLASH “x” W /B filename.bin

Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

W is to write a firmware to the flashrom.
/B is to tell the program that the input file is a binary file.
filename.bin is just an example. Write the name of your firmware file here.

Why are you using “C”?

I think that forum post you linked to is off-base. I think they’re referring to the command prompt, not the boot disk. If you look at an XP-made bootdisk, it does indeed boot Windows Millennium and contains such files as msdos.sys and io.sys.

It is true DOS mode. Heck, I used an XP-made bootdisk to flash my BIOS tonight without problems. That also requires true DOS mode…

Fine. :rolleyes:

I used ‘C’ because that is a parameter to check the flash! The version of ‘DOS’ is not a factor, as each time I’ve booted from a dos boot disk and it boots to DOS - not to anything else. The problem is not in the commands given in flash - but with the drive. I’m shipping it back and going back to my 48x12x48 drive. I know how to use MTKFLASH and the proper commands - it did not work on this drive - period! That’s why I’m shipping it back. I’ve used MTKFLASH before - I may be new on the forum - but not new to computers - I started with a Commodore 64 back in '82! I was looking for someone who possibly could give me an insight as to why the drive will not work, why the light stays green and will not accept anything from MTKFLASH - nor will be seen by Windows XP after bootup. Seems as though - by looking at the number of people who have read this thread - nobody has a clue as to how to get things working. Then, this tells me that the drive has gone bad - for whatever reason. Thanks for the input. Wish I could have gotten it to work, but, sometimes things don’t work out!