Lite-on 48x12x48 8minutes to Burn 700mb iso?

I had a lite-on burner before 48x and im sure it used to burn 700mb in about 3-4 mins.I sold that PC and bought a sony DVD writer and used that for a while.As i was burning lots of cds i decide to buy another Lite-on Drive as it did me proud in the past.However this time round iits taking about 7-8 mins to burn 700mb and this is frustrating me cos my 24x sony dvd writer is faster.I would appreciate any help please
Thank you

Checked if DMA is enabled for it?

Sorry, Yes DMA is enabled and my system specs are
Asus A7N8X-Deluxe2.0
Amd Athlon 3200XP
1Gb Crucial PC3200
WD Caviar 120GB 8mb cache
LTR 48126S
Windows XP Pro
Nero 6 Ultra

Hope that should be enough.I timed the last image i burned and it was 8mins 13sec.


If you have Nforce IDE drivers installed - uninstall them and use only the default M$ IDE drivers.

Hi, Ive tried taking out the nforce drivers and using the M$ ones but the last disc i burned was 12mins 14secs!!!
Thats even slower.Thanks for your suggestions but please keep them coming until i get this fixed.
Thank you

I had the same problems and had to do a fresh format and fresh install using the Microsoft IDE dirvers. By the way i have the same mobo ,cpu,and ram and i experienced the same thing with the Nvidia drivers.

try burning at 16x or 24x, burning at high speeds can make the process longer since the writer needs to adapt to the media…

by burning at a lower speed media compatibility / quality is less of a problem…

i notice that for me it’s faster to burn at 32x than at 40x or 48x… so i just burn @ 32x for the ridata media