Lite-on 48246s problem



I have this lite-on CD-R 48246s with firmware version SID1. Since a day or two I just can’t burn anything on CD. I tried to download a newer firmware from Lite-On but it says that I don’t have a LITE-ON device (both my CD-R and DVD are LITE-ON). I constantly a message that sound something like:“Invalid write state”, “Could not perform end-track”. Now I have a feeling that it all started when I used RegionKiller to disable region protection for my DVD (can’t be sure… forgive my ignorance on this kind of things…) Does anybody has an idea what is going on? Thanx…


The Windows Updater recognizes your current firmware version, SID1, as an OEM version so it wont flash that drive. You can use XFlashFix to remove the check to allow you to update:

See if that helps.