Lite-on 48246S Problem

Well I finally decided to get a new burner to replace my external SCSI Plextor 8/2/20. I’ve burned more cd’s on that thing then I’d like to admit, and it still works flawlessy.

So I put in my new 48x Lite-on, burned a cd. (Just a bunch of files I downloaded.)

The CD doesn’t work in my Plextor or SCSI Pioneer DVD-ROM Drive, but does work on an old Hitachi IDE Drive on another PC, and the Lite-on itself. Now is this normal? The CD’s I’m using are Sony’s rated @ 32x, and I burned them at that speed. Is the drive defective? I hope so, because I need my burnt cd’s to work everywhere.

I don’t think reinstalling Nero would fix the problem, both of my SCSI drives have no problems reading any other cd’s.


I updated the drive to the new firmware too. I hope it’s not because I’m burning the cd too fast, that would kill me.


It has to be the drive… back to Newegg you go little fella.

CD’s burned with the drive returns thousands of C2 errors.

I guess I’ll try another one.


My 48126S @ 52246S also refuses to burn the Sony 32x media made by LeadData Taiwan without numerous errors.

I suggest you try different media and recheck.

I’d certainly try some more media before I returned a drive. My 52x is more forgiving of poor media than the others, but some drives just don’t like some media.
The newer Sony 40x media works very well here, check the media test thread.