Lite-on 48246S Help

I just bought a Lite-on LTR-48246S and was wondering which burning program would be best suited to burn the latest games (battlefield 1942, unreal tournament 2003, etc) without the read errors constantaly come up as they do when i use ANY version of clone-cd. Any suggestions or links?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Read errors are normal when the game uses the SafeDisc protection (Battlefiled 1942) since the protection itself is based on these errors. As Stoner already posted you can find a lot of information on the various forums on how to copy the games you’re mentioning. First you need to find out which protection the game uses. This is easily done by using our search function. Then all you need to do is choose the right software package to copy your games with:

CloneCD: good for SafeDisc 2, 2.80 requires emulation.
Alcohol: good all rounder, can also do latest SecuRom pretty well, CloneCD can’t do this.

There are more software packages you can use but these two are probably the most popular ones.