Lite-On 48246S & Creation CD-RW

I have a Lite-ON LTR-48246S, when i try to write in a Creation
CD-RW after 1% it fails.But when i write in a Creation CD-R i have no problem!
Do you have any idea???

In my personal test using similar “Plasmon” tech CDR discs named “SanyoDigital” 52x or “Creation” 24x -40x made in Greece (label as “made in EU”)- these disc are not reliable at all !
If stratch them you have some DATA losses but when burn audio cd they have enough reliability .Very strange… but they are branded cheap media as some crap CMC media of different and unknown brands or some “That’s Write” brand …- In all cases I was able burn in 48x even disc label not mentioned without scandisc errors ,but in poor quality in reliability as I wrote above…