Lite on 48161h drive light always on

I recently bought and installed a Lite on 48161h combo drive to my PC. The first few times the drive worked perfectly and I could record CDs.

I then updgraded my motherboard to an asus P4PE-x and connected the drive up but as soon as I did then the drive light (orange) was always on. I tried changing the IDE connections but the drive didn’t work at all. So I switched them back and the drive light was always on. I cannot even open the CD tray.

I reconnected my old CD ROM drive and it works perfectly.

I can’t even flash the Lite on drive as it’s not even recognised in the BIOS. I’ve updated the BIOS to the latest version.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can go from here?

Well first thing I would check is the connections to the burner and slave and master settings.

maybe you put the ide cable not fully in. new burners require some more umph to get it in.

This happened to me when I changed the connections on the IDE cable. Each IDE cable have one that goes into the mobo and then 2 connector that goes into each IDE Drive or IDE Unit. I switched the IDE drive connectors since I rearraged the units and the cable wasnt long enough so i just did a switch. But I remember the cd-rom didnt like that.

Maybe you have a different problem since it works with your old unit.