Lite-on 48125W overclockable to 52X?

Hi, I’ve got a 48125W with firmware VS08, is it possible to reflash it to the 52X firmware? If it is indeed possible, will this allow me to burn CDRWs at 24X? I don’t really care about burning at 52X, More concerned with the CDRW performance.

Has anyone tested this? I know there’s a lot of you out there with this model drive, and from a thread title, it looks like someone has acheived this; So my question remains: Can I achive 24X ‘Ultra-Speed’ CDRW burning, or will I have to replace my drive with a newer 52X? If I have to get a new 52X, does anyone in USA/Cali wanna buy a 48125W? :bigsmile:

– Kamilion