Lite-On 48125S to 48125W?

Last week I bought a Lite-On 48125S cd writer, firmware 1S01. I thought the xxxxxS drives where Zone-CLV, but this one seems to be a CAV drive.
There are no firmwares available for this drive on the Lite-On website, it isn’t even mentioned on the firmware page!
So I wondered if is it possible to use the 48125W firmware on this drive. Anyone tried that already?

I have never seen an 1Sxx firmware… :confused:

:eek: Why did LiteOn introduce a 48125S? :a

You can of course try VS02 and VS06. Don’t forget to backup your firmware before.

Send it to me. So I can put the firmware on the webbpage.

Go to this adress for more info. And how to read out that nice firmware of yours… =)

And e-mail:

And ofcorse read more here at cdfreaks forum.



Check your mail :slight_smile:



I just did some tests…

2S07: drive is not detected

VS06: drive is reported as a 48x writer, but seems to write only at 40x (P-CAV)

Drive LITE-ON LTR-48125W
Firmware Version VS06
Start 18.82x
End 39.93x
Average 31.40x
Type P-CAV

1S01: well, the default firmware:

Drive LITE-ON LTR-48125S
Firmware Version 1S01
Start 22.14x
End 48.70x
Average 37.04x
Type CAV

Maybe 1S01 detects detects more media for 48x speed.

Hmmm. I could be so Alexnoe…

Try it out maybe…

But it shure is a Mediatek 5 Chipsets


On the webbpage now!

So can I convert my 48125W to 48125S?

Try it! If it doesn’t work, convert it back!

I was able to flash the 1S01 onto a 48125W…now shows up as the 48125S…seems to work fine

I tried flashing with MTKFLASH but it seems that when I try to do a flash it just halts and doesn’t do any flashing … I disabled my Raid and all my other drives and NOTHING… can anyone help me out or give me alternatives… is there a window loader for the new 48125S firmware?

Any help would be great! THX! :slight_smile: