Lite-on 48125s and win2ksp2 probs

i recently installed the above burner. Since installation my ethernet card or some part of the connection cuts of regularly and i lose the connection to the internet.

When I remove the lite-on everything works dandy???

does anyone have any suggestions to why this may be happening?


When I remove the lite-on everything works dandy???

Is that a question or statement? I never heard of installing a optical drive having anything to do with networking or internet.

You can try some of the following stuff, but are you sure its the Lite-On, with the latest firmware?

Ok, here’s a few things to try, for WinXP. Well it works the same for Win2K, and the other OS can’t be too different.

  1. Update Nero to the newest version, ( Last Leaked) or (New Official Release)

Get Here | Mirror

Get Here | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

  1. Update your CD-RW’s firmware to the newest release.

  2. Go to the Control Panel, under Administrative Tools, select Services, find “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service,” then switch it to disabled from manual/automatic.

  3. Go to the Control Panel, go to System. Select the Hardware tab, then go to Device Manager, then expand “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers,” go to “Secondary IDE Channel,” and make sure DMA is enabled, if it is already, but it says its in PIO mode then go immediately to step 5.

5 Follow step 4 to the “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” part and delete/uninstall the “VIA Busmaster IDE Controller” (or whatever your motherboard chipset’s busmaster controller is), now reboot the pc and follow step 4.

  1. Your ASPI drivers may be bad, so try to use ForceASPI 1.7, and change it to 4.60, don’t worry, this program has the best ASPI drivers for WinXP and makes an auto backup of your ASPI drivers so you can do a rollback.

Download it here | Find mirrors here | Get more info here

7.You might have a VIA chipset,, so if you haven’t already, consider upgrading to the newest v4.43, or maybe be back to the last v4.42(P2). If you have some other chipset, like Intel, please go to, and find the newest INF drivers release and also the Intel Application Accelerator (IAA), now v2.2.2.2150.

Download the last VIA 4-in-1 drivers v4.42(P2) drivers here

Download the latest VIA 4-in-1 v4.43 drivers here

Download the latest Intel Application Accelerator drivers here

  1. Consider upgrading your BIOS

That’s all I can think of for now, please test one at a time (cept 4 and 5 tho), in whatever order you want.

Oh n please post your results,


i’ll give those things a go and let you know the results

updated via drivers to latest (not beta).

Had no problems since although found out from a cable www that my cable company had been running tests on the STBs they use and this could count for the fault in the dropped line (although according to the cable co. its my PC’s problem !!!)

The only error I get with the liteon now is in NERO 5592 when burning images it comes up with a ‘general error with liteon 48125s’ message.

If i use fireburner or CCD it burns fine, maybe its a NERO thing?

thanks for the help

So only with Nero? Does programs like BurnAtOnce work?

Also check out they might have something. Like reseting your LAN settings or something.