Lite-On 481248W freezes when trying to burn on some media! Help!

I have a Lite-On 481248W (not overclocked) with VS06 firmware, and when I try to burn some media brands (Princo, Memorex) the drive just sounds like it is spinning up and down, and just goes on like that forever, and it cannot be cancelled. The only way to stop it is to reboot.
The thing is, it WILL burn on some media. It works fine on Fuji and TDK, but other brands like the Princo and Memorex, and CMC, it just locks up. The discs are rated at 32x too. Sometimes if I try to burn them at 8x, it will work.

This happens in all burning programs. But I’ve primarily used Nero.

I am using Windows XP Pro, with an ASUS A7V333 board. I’ve tried it hooked up as Primary and Slave on either channel… same thing.

Anyone else have this problem?

yes, I have had same problem with that firmware on that drive. I can no longer use the rest of my 100 Jungle/Memorex CDRs using the LiteOn. I am quite pissed at it in fact, and am beginning to wish I’d got a plextor again. I’ve still got my 12x Plex writer in teh cupboard. Faultless piece of kit, just slow at burning.

Weird… That just doesn’t seem normal… Having to reboot if you try to burn on certain media?

I figure more people would be complaining if this was really wide spread…

The weird thing is, Lite-On’s SMARTBURN program does recognize the CD’s as Princo, Memorex and CMC… and it adjusts the burn speed accordingly… But it still locks up when trying to burn on them.

Yes, weird is right SE !

To be honest, I was getting a bit panicky when I couldn’t eject the disc or stop the drive from doing what it was doing. I don’t know if that can damage it or not. But as I said, I am not use to it having used the Plextor beforehand. The HPWriter I had yonks back was the last time I had to worry about anything burning.

I suspect it is the firmware myself. I am wondering whether this latest firware is causing the problem with these discs. Maybe a flash back to the last firware would solve the problems, but the VS06 binary is only available at LiteOn (and it states that the firmware is soley for media compatability :-/ )

I was thinking the same thing about the firmware… Because I never tried the drive with the old firmware before I upgraded.

I know what you mean about the Plextor. That’s all I’ve used for the best 6 years or so. My previous setup was a Plextor UltraPlex 40WIDE UltraSCSI for my reader, and a Plextor 8/2/20 SCSI for my writer. This setup would copy any SafeDisc or SecuRom without ANY problem at FULL speed (even disc to disc!).

It was just getting a bit slow for me though, so I wanted something a bit faster… Oh well… Looks like I’ll be installing my SCSI card again… :-\

I’ve noticed that some LiteOn drives are much more sensitive to the over-burn situation where SmartBurn slows the speed during the burn. Maybe this is happening and causing a software crash for you? Have you tried turning off SmartBurn? Probably won’t help but it’s an easy thing to do.
I suspect that Nero may play a role in this, are you trying any other burning software?
I agree trying a different firmware, but you may need to return the drive if that doesn’t work.
My own 48x will balk at TY 40x media right around 46-47x, and slow the burn for the last few seconds to 40x, the result is a clean burn with no read errors, but it only does this with TY, not with CMC. Go figure.

Yep, I’ve tried disabling SMARTBURN in Nero. I’ve also tried using DiscJuggler, CloneCD, and Easy CD Creator.

The drive locks up in all of them.

I recently took the drive back to the store… If course, I wasted so much time trying to figure out what was wrong with it, that the 7 day exchange period expired, and now it has to go back to Lite-On for repair. That’s a good 4-6 weeks before I see the drive again.

Well I got my Plextor SCSI setup back in. The ultimate copy-protection defeating setup! Too bad it’s only 8x :-\

For future referance:
The last drive I bought was from, I had to return it, and from the time that I dropped it at the post office to the arrival of a new replacement unit by Fed-Ex (free), was 7 days. No questions asked, they just replaced it. I’ll be buying more from them you can be sure.

Hi, i have a 481248 Liteon, fw vso6, when i first got it i just removed my previous drive a Plextor 40 speed and put the Liteon in. When my computer booted up it found the new drive and i tried a burn, i had the same problem you discribe but with different media. I had Easy cd,Eac and Clone cd installed but Easy cd did not see the correct write speed for my drive so i uninstalled Easy cd and installed Nero that came with the writer, same problem. I did a clean install of Winxp and installed just Nero and Clone, wrote the cd that comes with the drive that i think is cmc stuff and it wrote up to 48 speed and the cd showed 2 damaged blocks in cd speed scandisk. I have since uninstalled Nero and reinstalled Easy cd with the new update that supports my writer fully now and have writen most types of media without a problem. I only post this as someone may make sense of it as i can not.