Lite-on @48 on vs06

i have a lite-on 40125s that i run using vs06. my questions are as follows:

  1. whats the best firmware for backing up games, eg. safedisc 2.5 and securrom (wc3,nwn), speed is not important.

  2. should i use a separate reader?

  3. if so which is the best?

  4. i have available:

pioneer 105s
pioneer 106s
teac cd-540e
teac cd-532e-b
lite-on 12101b
genius 44x
pioneer 36x 714

  1. Any firmware can do the job.

my drive is a 40125s that i flashed with vs06, now it says its a 48125w. which is the best out of these two for burning protected stuff that will then work on other drives.

To my knowledge, all the liteys do the job of copying protected stuff.

Just search the CloneCD forum.

It will surely enlighten you as it has enlightened me. :cool:

yeah…thats pretty true. All the same, when making any backup…dont bother with using any reader except the Liteon drive…^_^…it will make the best 1:1 copy out of any of the drives…

except for maybe the plextor or Yamaha F1 gear…=D