Lite-on 451S problems

I have a 451S DVD +/- RW drive that worked pretty good for the first week or so, but now I can’t even recognize any blank DVD’s. It won’t record anything the lite on the drive blinks green for a minute or so then stops.

I can read dvd movies etc.
I haven’t upgraded the firmware because I heard doing so will void the warranty and I just got it like two weeks ago.

I even tried the blank dvd-r and rw that comes with the drive and it will not read those.
I tried using forceaspi and it didn’t help this is on a windows xp pro machine
aspiyou15 says that my rev is GSB6
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Have you changed anything in this time, like the media type that you used, burning software, system drivers, hardware configuration, etc.?

Have you checked [thread=83984]this thread[/thread]?

If you haven’t changed anything and if none of the things suggested in that thread helps, then it sounds like your drive just decided to kick the bucket for some mysterious reason. In which case, I’d send it in for a replacement.

Good luck!

Yea nothing changed as far as I know. I am using the same pack of DVD -R’s that I purchased.

Does upgrading the firmware void the warranty of the drive?

Only if it’s an unofficial firmware. If you upgrade using an official firmware found on the official LiteOn website, you’ll be fine.

But this doesn’t sound like something that firmware would fix (it won’t hurt to try out the official GSB7 fw, though). If you’re sure that you’ve changed nothing and if nothing in that thread that I pointed out helps, then it sounds like time to send it in for a replacement.

Weird I just burned a regular CD-R with it no problems.

I just burned a 4.23 GB backup of my pc… This burner is pissing me off.
Will probably crap out again.

Now it doesn’t work again… This drive is pissing me off.

sounds like an intermittant SOFTWARE issue. it is very rare that a drive will take a hike and then come back unless it is a heating situation.

when it doesn’t work do you get any errors? does rebooting help?

i know that (rebooting) sounds like noob stuff but on my system (1.8 ghtz 768meg 80 gig and 120 gig 811s and 411s win2K) it will start acting funny and take 11 minutes to burn a 600 meg cd and after i reboot all is well again… then again this machine is running 24/7/365 and usually it is 3 weeks or more between reboots.

Yea I was thinking of maybe formatting my system and starting fresh to rule out any big problems. I will give that a shot and keep everyone posted on the results.