Lite-on 451s or equivalent.... wanted!

I have a Philips DVDR 520H HDD/DVD recorder. The integral DVD is a Lite-on 451s and this has failed. Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of a suitable replacement. It has screw mountings on the base - otherwise it is the same ‘electrically’ as any similar drive.
Needless to say, both Philips & Lite-on have not been able to help.

Where can you get one? Any computer shop.
Where on Earth are you?

In the USA (since americans seem to assume everyone else is in the USA) you can likely buy any of these and you will be fine.
However, I’d stick with a liteon manufactured drive :wink:

Get another Litey, preferably one of the 1S/2S/3S series if you can find one. :smiley:

The OP has a standalone Harddisk-DVD recorder (Philips DVDR 520H HDD/DVD). Are you guys sure that just any DVD-RW drive will work as a replacement in that recorder?

As for getting a LiteOn LDW-451S I think it will probably only be available second-hand.

There’s a Philips DVD Recorder and Player Forum here at CDFreaks that might be helpful.

The Philips DVDR520H is said to be a clone of a LiteOn standalone model, but I have never heard of anyone simply replacing the hardware drive portion alone with success.

A problem is that the controlling firmware of the Philips unit obviously exerts some influence on the DVD writer hardware, and indeed the firmware of the writer itself may be modified in some way. Whereas badged LiteOn units have had their hard drives upgraded successfully, the same cannot be said for the Philips DVD writer counterparts. One thing I do know: and that’s that you can’t just push any old DVD writer in and expect it to work.

I agree, imkidd57, the drives used in stand-alone recorders are different in mounting configuration to the drives used in PCs. This is a job best left to an experienced tech, IMHO.

I replaced the 451 drive in my lite on 5005x with a lite on dvd burner. there is a lot of information on how to do it on the lite on forum.

OK thanks to all who have replied. Any conventional DVD unit seems to function electronically (ie R&W) - the issue is with the mountings, it has four extrusions on the base to accept fixing screws.
I’ll check out the Lite-on Forum as suggested. Oh… and location is in the UK.
regards - Brownmouse


Yes I can confirm that pretty much any DVD burner will work fine (electrically) in a Philips DVDR520H/05 recorder.

Some people seem to be quick to comment in this thread on a system they clearly have no experience of - the issue is that the native LiteOn drive has non-standard mounting points compared with a standard PC drive, as the last poster said.

Anyway, I too have one of these sad Philips recorders and and the DVD burner no longer writes DVDs (it has maybe burned only 100 in its life), so I will never buy anything from Philips again.

The problem that still remains is that I need to identify a bare-bones burner that can be purchased that uses the same mountings system.

Does anyone know of a drive that’ll fit?


Lucky guy.

Well OK, I haven’t tried that many, but trying a NEC, and Samsung and an LG burner with success seemed to indicate a general trend.

It may be that there are mod strike differences between 520H’s, or country differences and I am in fact lucky to have one that works with other burners.

I can also change hard drives easily but I never get more than 80G of usable space.

I’d still like to know of a burner that can actually be physically mounted in my 520H chassis!