Lite on 451s burning issues

I use dvdshrink with nero and about 50% of dvd pause at end?

have a problem with pauses at end of dvd on play back on all of my dvd players?

What is the best media to use?

Is there better software than shrink and nero?

There is a tendency to get high PO values at the very end of the disc if crappy media is use and this may the cause for pauses at the end of your DVD. Kprobe scan your DVD and see.

Good quality +R media preferred. I never had any probles with RicohjpnR01 and it seems to be quite reasonably priced. :slight_smile: Avoid -R media. Liteons don’t like them. :frowning:

As you can see both in my and 8551184’s signatures, we’ve converted 451s to 851s and now using Codeguys’ GSC2 firmaware. You certainly don’t have to do the same thing; however, you’ll get much better burning results with much newer firmware. There’s no new firmware for 451s, and there’s not gonna be any. So you may want to visit for more info. Sticky thread about Omnipatcher is recommended also.