Lite-On 451S@832S problems - disc is at 12% after 25minutes?

Greetings to the members of this forum.
I’m brand new here and a complete newbie when it comes to firmwares, flashing, etc. So here is my dilema.

I bought off a forum member (a different forum) a Lite-On 451 that was supposed to be flashed to 832. stated that he had no problems with the drive whatsoever, would burn at 8X, but had not tested the dual layer part of it.

I got the drive yesterday, plugged it into my 2nd IDE as master, and I’ve had nothing but problems with it.

I’ve tried 2 different DVD+R discs: (only things I can get where I live)

=Maxell (Ricoh R02)
=Memorex (Ritek R03)

Neither discs will burn correctly, as you noticed in my title - the timeframe doesn’t seem right. However it will burn a regular CD-R without problems at 40X.

So should I try to flash this back to stock firmware and test it - make sure the drive is still working correctly? This would help eliminate a shipping problem. And if so, then the newer firmware apprehently didn’t work.

As I said though, I know nothing of flashing firmwares - so if someone knows a quick and easy way to do this, or a link to a guide to get me through this :bigsmile: I’d be much appreciated.

Welcome, gogeta4832

I think you got a crappy drive or it was badly flashed, flash codeking’s cg3b firmware or the stock 832s firmware (vosb).
Report back with the results.

Read the sticky thread ‘The (new) LiteOn FAQ (under construction)’.
Check that DMA is enabled on the source harddisk und the burner, put the harddisk on burner on different ide channels, disable virus scanning on the source directory, use standard microsoft ide drives instead of motherboard specific drivers, defrag the source drive, remove intel accelerator drivers, remove any packet writing software.