Lite-On 451 running too fast

Hi, I installed my new 451 and updated the firmware to Lite-On’s GSB6. I then used DVD Xcopy to burn a 90 minute movie but it read it in 9 minutes and then wrote it in just 11.5 minutes… seems to be running at 8X speed.
If it is then maybe that is the reason that I can only read 1/2 of my Datawrite G04 Ritek discs I create in my Denon player.

Has anyone else got a 451 with the old firmware that can do a timed test please?
Or maybe someone else with the same GSB6 firmware?
Has Lite-On made a bit of a boo boo with this firmware?:bow:

Barking up the wrong tree here.
Your problem is the combination of the media and your player. Lower your burn speed, and if that doesn’t work, try different media.

In any case, I assure you that the 451 is not burning at 8x unless you futzed with the firmware. But you can set Nero to show the actual burn speed if you want, or use CDSpeed with a blank disc to run a transfer rate test or data disc test.

Thanks for the advise, the idea of changing the write speed seem good but I have looked at the settings in DVD Xcopy and it does not seem to have that option.

Also I have been told that a good disc for use in my Denon would be TDK, but from what I can see on the internet there are only a few manufacturers, so paying extra for TDK may be a waste.
I guess if it is a Rytek disc it does not matter what the brand is.:confused:

Try to find some FujiFilm -R 4x or Maxell -R 4x
I have a 451s and it really likes these media.

Your write times are an indication of a disc that is not full rather than a 8x write.