Lite-On 431S (Slimtype Internal) Firmware Request

I tried to update the firmware for a Lite-On 431-S (internal) in my eMachines M6809 Notebook with firmware for the Lite-On 431 SX (external drive) and now It will not detect CD-ROMs, CD-Rs or CD-RWs. Does anyone have binaries of the original firmware for this drive since I mistakenly deleted my back-up binaries? Also, looking for any ideas since neither Lite-On nor eMachines seems willing to help in any way at this point. :o

Please tell us what the original firmware of your drive was. If you don’t remember, then try taking the drive out and looking for the ROM version on the label. Also, exactly what file did you flash with?

I do not recall the original firmware version at the moment but I working on getting that information or if need be I will remove the DVD drive from my notebook. I used an application called Flash Fix which modded the current MSOK.exe flash file for the Lite-On 431SX (external) drive. After realizing that I had make a big mistake. I the tried to use Mtk1.80 to re-flash the drive with a binary file I found in prevouse post in the forums but the binary was the same version as the MSOK flash and it made no difference. The drive worked perfect prior to my messing with the firmware & all I wanted to do was to get additional media compatibility.

The F/W is labeled MBS2

Here is someone’s dump of MBS2.

Update: Flashed the drive back to MBS2 using the binary (Many thanks dhc014) but the problem still exists. My issue was elevated to level 2 at Lite-On. I received the following e-mail:

Dear sir ,

We don’t have any information about this model name. Would you please
contact the actual vendor?
Because in their system there might be some settings made by them which is
unique and belong to their authority.

Best regards,

Customer Service Dept.
Lite-On IT Corp.
Email :

Needless to say… Lite-On’s e-mail is less than accurate since I know for a fact that Lite-On makes the 431S (Internal). We shall see where this goes but I am very disapointed that Lite-On can not or will not provide me with a full MBS2.exe flash file. They must have one. Either my drive has issues other than firmware or the MSOK.exe made some other change that I can not fix.

Ummm, their response is correct. Your drive is not a retail Liteon product. Since your drive came in a computer from eMachines you’re not supposed to use firmware updates from Liteon, your updates should come from eMachines and all support for the drive should be handled by Emachines, not Liteon.

I agree with you assessment and I admit that this problem is my fault, but Lite-On did sell the drive to eMachines, Packard Bell & other OEMs thus they did indeed manufacture the drive. Also, someone at Lite-On must have the original firmware. It is highly unlikely that Lite-On would sell the drive to OEMs with no firmware. If they do not want to provide me with the firmware simply because of my stupidity for flashing the drive I would have to accept that assertion since in hind site it was foolish, however, to tell me that they did not manufacture the drive is not exactly a true statement.

you can open your drive and post some pics, maybe someone can tell if it’s an oem from another liteon model.

I already sent you your original firmware. Liteon is not obligated to you at all even if they are the manufacturer of the drive because you are not a customer of theirs, you’re an eMachines customer.

There’s probably something wrong with the drive now that cannot be fixed by flashing the firmware. Maybe the slim drive has unique calibration data in the firmware that you overwrote, IDK because I don’t have a slim drive.

I agree, Lite-On has no obligation to help me with the drive but that does not chanage the fact that they did manufactor the drive. We are talking about a file that is less than 500KB in size. You would think a 500kb file would not be such a big issue but it is. I have assembled many computers and will assemble many more… I can tell you that I will be sure to use Plextor DVD-RW drives for now on. The fact is that the problem is my fault but Lite-On could have helped if they had wanted. I will simply follow a different path and put this issues to rest. Thanks for all the help from the moderator and other forum members.

Hmmm, I’m not so sure that Liteon support personnel would have access to an old OEM firmware version such as MBS2, but whatever.

sure wish I would have read this Friday. I did the same thing after purchasing some new DVD-R media. Did you ever get it fixed. I thought my drive went out but now I wonder it did exactly what you described. It now will only recognise DVD material.
thanks for any help.

So you want to know the outcome?

Well, I played stupid with the notebook manufacturer thinking they would simply replace my old Lite-On with a new one, however, they put in an inferior Pioneer Model (DVR-K12EM) instead. Let me just say that I have nothing against Pioneer but the model was not as good as the Lite-On. The Pioneer did meet the specs of the notebook but the Lite-On actually exceeded the specs and was a much better drive. In the end I removed the Pioneer drive and purchased a NEC-6500A DVD±RW. I then upgraded the firmware on the NEC to 2.24 and have been pleased ever since.

The end. :slight_smile:

Hehe, an outcome to a two year old thread. Yakamoto25, you must have had email notifications turned on. :wink:

godthunder1, you could try the LiteOn SDW-431S firmware (MS0K) on my site:

Make sure you backup your existing firmware with the “Flash Utility v2” first, also on my site.