Lite On 411sx combo Drive only reads DVDs

I have had this external usb 411sx cd/dvdrw drive that i have been using for a while and recently i tried to use it and it wont read any CDs, amazingly it will read DVDs but it wont touch CDs at all.
I thought i would check to see its firmware version, but its the most recent FOK, i tried to backflash it to FOJ and nothing has changed.

This seems a bit strange to me as most drives i have seen usually die completely nor function halfway ?

Any ideas ?


DVD drives use one laser for CD and one for DVD, so they can function halfway. Try your drive on a different PC to see if this is a software issue.

Well i tried the drive on 4 different systems, regardless of software it wont even read an audio cd to play.


Try with a data cd. The audio cd could have a copy protection that prevents playing it. If data cds also do not work, the cd laser does not work anymore.

I don’t know if it’s possible to boot from an external drive as I don’t have any, but even so, can you try booting from your Windows CD with it?

Well guys i have tried to load of of it and even data cds that were manufactured and its a no go. I put them in the and the green light blinks for 1/2 a min or so and nothing happens. If i double click on the drive with a cd in there thru mycomputer/explorer it sats there is no cd in the drive.

Any other ideas before i commence its death.