Lite on 411s

I have a 411s with the lastest firmware FSOK Its seems either after this upgrade as well as erasing a sony CDRW my drive only wants to read and write DVDS. When I try to burn a cdr or rw it will go through the burn process says complete but nothing on the disk after. I try to back up a playstation game compact disk and a Journey compact disk (audio) and get the same results. Also tried a memorex cdr as well. It won’t even read a original compact disk either. Also won’t copy any pictures off my hard drive. Tried to revert bact to the FSOJ but it says only supports 411s then it list my drive with the FSOK installed I running windows XP 1.7 ghz processor 512 memory 80 and 10 gig hard drives and a lite on dvd rom JLMS XJ-HD166S ds 18 firmware. I use dvd shrink, dvd decrypter burntounce and alcohol 120.

Use the firmware on my site to go back to FS0J and see if that help:

Once it’s FS0J, you can flash it again with the official FS0J firmware if you don’t want the faster read speed. :wink:

Ok went back to the FSOJ now it read a cd but it was skipping bad. Put it the other drive played fine. Now the problem is it won’t burn cd or dvd at all.Is this it is it time for a new drive? Hope not if so whats best drive and media that works with it? Should I try flashing it to a 811? I’m also going to try to clean the laser got nothing to loose.
Thanks in advance for any post.