Lite-On 411S Woes

Hi all,

I have a Lite-On LDW-411S burner. I’ve had this burner for around a year now. I primarily use it to backup my movies on to DVD-R discs. My DVD player plays these discs back but will either stutter a lot or freeze for minutes at a time, obviously indicating a bad burn. These discs work well on other people’s DVD players though (mine was cheap…theirs weren’t :-)).

I use Nero to burn at 2x (not 4 as that would probably cause more problems) with disc verification. These always verify successfully, though I’ve found this is no indication of how well the burn actually went. :frowning:

Recently I stumbled upon KProbe and found that my burns always had varying results. I read that 280ish is an acceptable value for PI, but of course, the lower the better. My burns vary. They usually get anywhere between 400 to 1000. That’s right. Nowhere near acceptable quality.

I’ve gone through all of the official Lite-On firmwares with the same results, therefore it’s obviously my discs as I’d suspected.
I’ve gone through Princo’s (“A-Grade” discs as well as others), Aterra’s, FORNEX101 (??), but always the same results. I just bought a spindle of TDK -R TTG02 discs but they seem to be worse than the Princo’s, if that’s possible.

I’ve had 1 DVD+R disc (RICOHJPNR01) sitting around which I decided to test. The KProbe graph started off well for around half the disc (below 200), then the rest of it spiked up to a max of around 800.

Now if you’re all still with me, my question…
What have people found to be the best firmware (official and not) and media combinations (+/- , brand, etc.)? Basically, I want my graphs to look like some of those I’ve seen around here :slight_smile:

ANY help would be most appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello BlumBlum!

If you want your drive to perform better, most usual advice on this forum is to ‘upgrade’ to 811s model with Zebra mod. You can find all about it here:,444.from1083328809/topicseen#msg2359
Please read carefuly all questions and answers, and backup EEPROM and current firmware!
After upgrading your drive, switch to HSOK firmware and that’s it! Many 401/411@811 users claim this firmware is the best choice.
But, if you don’t feel like upgrading to 811s model, I suggest Verbatim 4x + media with mediacode MCC002. Liteon drives like + media more than -. Also, RICOHJPNR01 should work well with 411s. It is up to you to test and find out.

Welcome BlumBlum :wink:

If you feel unsure about the “upgrade” to 811, you can simply use this utility and improve yor drives write quality.

Regarding media. If you have been using low quality media for some time, you have to burn at least 4-5 good +R´s, like RICOHJPNR01, to even notice any improvement. Burn them at 4x.


My 411s would read RICOHJPNR01 and other dvd+r at 800+ pi but as soon as i replaced it with my 812s the same dvds read at 2 pi average,reads the same way in my dads system.

Hi Guys,

I decided to take the plunge and ‘upgrade’ to an 811s using the ZebraMod. I now have a 411@811s with the firmware HS0K. I tried burning the same -R media using this ‘new’ drive, but the results were about the same…unfortunately!

I bought myself a 10 pack of HP DVD+R at 8x (CMC MAGE01). Tried burning at 4x and WOW! The results are unbelievable! As of the first disc I burnt, I average anywhere between 5 to 20 PI and 1 to 2 PIF! There are times when the graph will peak to a maximum of around 250, but that’s only for a split second. Nothing to worry about.

I tried to burn the same media at 2x with results as bad as my -R media.

I don’t want to try anything higher than 4x because my drive was designed to be a 4x drive. Plus I have no need to go higher with these results :slight_smile:

To try my luck, I bought a single TDK DVD+R. Unfortunately, my drive doesn’t even want to recognise it. Unlucky me :frowning:

So now I sit here with more than 20 TDK DVD-R’s as well as 1 TDK+R. They’ll sit there and rot away I guess.

To all the other frustrated 411s users that happen to catch on to this thread… Stick to +R! Don’t touch -R unless you have to. Most DVD players support +R discs now and if they don’t, you can change the Bitsetting on the disc for compatibility.

Sorry to take so long to get back to y’all. Thanks for everyone’s help :slight_smile:

I was frustrated 401@811 user, got tired of different (mostly bad) results with same media, and simply switched to NEC 3500. Now my scans look beautiful! BTW, it would be a shame to waste those 20 DVD-R’s, why dont you send them to me :):slight_smile:

i had the same problem with 411s@811s with Ritek G05 HS0K firmware. The discs seemed to burn fine but they would not play back correctly in my xbox. HS0K is written specifically for use in the xbox also! The discs were jittery in other dvd players as well. I switched to the NEC-3500 and have no problems. Which firmware are you using with the NEC?

Hello colbsullivan!

I use IODATA 2.27 plus version - riplock removed and bitsetting enabled. Also it contains some new write strategies. I use my old Liteon for Kprobe scans, which now look beautiful! Here are some of them:
Got even more beutiful scans lately, but didn’t want to post them all, to avoid jelausy!