Lite-on 411s The good the bad and the ugly

For Xmas i recived a lite-on 411s drive.

I have read the glowing review on the cdfreaks website(and updated teh bios) and all in all i am pleased with it.

Now then, i would like to ask what you all think of the quality of the drive. the good, the bad and the ugly. :slight_smile:

SO far i have only burned on a dvd+r and i am satafied with the result.

but looking through the fourm there seems to be alot of bat with it.

what should i expect?

Like yourself, I too had read about the raving reviews of the 411S, thus, I got up early on this past black Friday to get it. :slight_smile: So far, I have had no bad encounters with the drive. I had a few instances of the Ritek G04s (-R) not finishing up in Nero, but that was due to those few media. Otherwise, all burned well, even with the RICOHJPN-R01 (+R) and -W11 (+RW). I tried only one Pioneer -RW, and at 1X, it came out fine too. Lastly, no problems with using old Verbatim 4X CD-RWs with InCD, and burning some audio CDs @ 40X.

One difference that I found was that I get a lower PI/PO readings when the MAX setting is checked when using KProbe, compared to the 4X setting. Nevertheless, my 2 standalone DVD players seemed to be fine with them.

There is a lot of discussion about modding the 411S to 811S. For me, that’s not an issue since I can wait the extra few minutes, I just watch TV in the meantime. By the time the warranty has expired, the 8X drives will be more affordable anyway.

I’d say that I spent about 3 months on reading up on all the guides, posts, and reviews on successfully backing up movies prior to the purchase of the 411S. If you have some time and patience, all those invaluable information can make you a happy 411S owner.

my experience (since xmas since it was a present)
has been good and i buy cheap media. officemax seems to have really cheap deals all the time.

i have used khypermedia + and - which have been TDK and CMC
hp + again CMC
memorex rw 2.4 and 4x infodisc and phillips respectively
ritek g04 and g03 4x and 2x media <-- very good!
memorex +r 4x RICOHJPNR01 cool thing about this is it will burn at 8x in my 811s (i fell prey to a good deal and got it for $51 after rebate)

haven’t used any of the media that came with the drive or the software either… nero has done everything i needed it to.

good luck!

The 411s is all in all a pretty good drive. I had a few issues but they were either related to my hardware or have been fixed by firmware updates. I am still on FS0F and I am rather happy with the way the drive performs. There’s just the issue with the -r media, but even that has improved. If you are only using +r media, then you are on the safe side anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve had the drive for about 4 months now and I’m happy with it.

My first impression was that the 411S is picky about media (and that media quality fluctuates quite much - even from quality manufacturers) - and LiteOn’s firmware revisions haven’t been that consistant from the point of -R writing quality.

BTW … -R isn’t the sweet spot of this drive with newer firmwares although TYG01 should be safe to use anyway.

+R (with bitsetting, thanks god) works flawlessly … YUDEN000 are being written very well and are compatible to any standalone I’ve tried so far.

+RW (checked 4x Ricoh by TDK) is good, too … if you take the time to stabilize the media (IMO, dual full format is recommended before recording data that should be trusted)

I can buy Taiyo Yuden +/-R at around 10¤ for 5 so I don’t complain :smiley:

K-Probe usage is another pro-LiteOn argument …

Last week, I flashed my drive to 811S (not for faster recording, but for improved writing quality) and this seems to work quite well - I still have to check out different 811S firmware revisions, though …

As a reader, the 411S will still read DVD’s where my PX-116A DVD-ROM fails due to high PI/PO error sums … so there is no problem from that point either (although I’d vote for a little higher reading speed).

All in all, I’d rate this drive B (on a scale from A-F with A being the best) … :bigsmile:

Before I knew what I was doing, I got the 411 and just any old spindle of - media. damned things wouldn’t read back on my dvd rom. found cdfreaks, learned a bit, got fs0f and only datasafe ritek g04 media and any ricoh + media (apart from printable) and all is absolutely splendid. Feed it well, and it’ll treat u nicely.

@ JeanLuc

I agree with you, the -R support really isn’t the sweetspot of the drive. My first batch was a spindle of nonames (an30) and they just gave me the craps. IF it actually finished writing them, they were unreadable in what ever player/drive I tried them in. I came across a few brands now, that work “perfectly” but I still prefer +R media. With the +Rs, the only coasters I have produced so far, have been caused by crashes caused by dodgy hardware. Apart from that, everything is fine.

I’ve always been a contrarian, but I have to say that ever since I converted from 401S to 411S to 811S, I actually get cleaner Kprobe scans on -R media than +R.

For example, using Verbatim Datalife 4X DVD+R, (RicohJPN R01-02) I usually get a max PI somewhere between 100 and 200 whether I burn at 4 or 8.

Using Verbatim Datalife 2X DVD-R, (Ritek G03) or RiData 4X DVD-R, (Ritek G04) my PI max is consistently below 100. HSOK does +R slightly better, HSOP does -R slightly better, but the pattern stays the same.

I’m not complaining, I’ve gotten reliable burns since the first day I brought home my 401S in July. The only problems I’ve had were when I fed it garbage media, and I’ve learned my lesson on that score.

Here’s a scan from yesterday on -R burned at 4X with HSOP, scanned at 4X 8ECC: