Lite-On 411S (patched to 811S) DVD read problem

I patched my 411S to 811S actually hoping it would help the problem but it hasn’t. I also used omnipatcher to increase my read speed too but nothing. The problem has existed for a while (I first noticed it when the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set came out) before patching it (which I did today). It will read CDs just fine and dandy and burn them all fine. But it will barely read any DVD anymore which is weird because it used to read DVDs fine and burn them fine, now when I go to read a DVD to watch it will skip a little and then stop reading it and whatever program I am using times out. Today I got it to read a little bit of Kill Bill with Windows Media Player but it did it again. And whenever I go to copy a DVD with Alchohol 120% it will fail about 40-50% of the way done, same with burning anything. I need some help please! It’s set up as the master on the secondary channel and not sharing the cable with anything else, I don’t know what to do.


Maybe decrease your readspeed to normal operation, or slow it down to 4x with Nero Drivespeed.

Decreasing discread speed to 4x and then 2x showed little improvement, but I did notice that a loud clicking noise that was there when reading DVD discs before dissapeared at the lower speeds but it still failed reading discs after a while. It seems to have most trouble when switching chapters or going from the menu to a chapter.

Maybe it is time to buy another one?

Well it’ won’t be a Lite-On then, Christ, the thing isn’t even two years old and it crapped out on me about a year after installation.