Lite-on 411s Major problems! Help!

I have a 411s and when I first put it in I had a problem with being able to burn DVD’s. I upgraded my Roxio 5.35 and it worked. Now I updated the firmware and I’m unable to burn DVD anymore. I updated the firmware because Memorex DVD’s were burning coaters.

Any ideas as to what i can do would be great. It reads the DVD’s fine but doesn’t recognize that I put a blank DVD in to start burning. I’m using DVD XCopy Express.:a

Dvd xcopy sux man. Please try Dvd decrypter or dvdshrink. They are both free and make excellent movies. Use Nero for music or ditch it completely. By the time nero perfected svcd, we had all moved onto DVD. Thanks but no thanks. If you have any questions about either program read their read me files or help files as they are very informative and will teach you everything you need to know, and there free!!!

I understand it’s not the best, but the 411s doesn’t even want to burn using Roxio…the computer doesn’t register that it’s a burner. Is there any drivers I need to get to make the DVD drive recognized as a burner?:confused:

Check you ASPI layer with aspichk.
The layer should look something like this if it’s working right:

If something doesn’t look like the above, fix (force) your ASPI layer to 4.60 with this. Make a backup copy first incase you want to go back.

Try installing MS default IDE drivers:

Originally posted by debro
[B]Right click on my computer->Properties->

Hardware tab->Device manager (middle -right)

Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Will have intel / Via / nvidia Ultra ATA storage controller (or similar)

Don’t do the primary or secondary channels. They are children of the main.

Right click on the Via /Intel / Nvidia Ultra ATA / IDE controlller and select “Update driver”.

Then select “install from a list or specific location”-> next

Select “Don’t search. i will choose the driver to install” -> next

Select “standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller (or similar)” -> next

Reboot machine to take effect.

Okies :slight_smile:
Reboot :slight_smile: [/B]

  • Uninstall Intel Application Accelerator or VIA miniport if you use them on your PC
  • Try placing burner on as Secondary Master
  • Try a new/different 80 wire IDE cable
  • Uninstall any packet writing software (ie Sonic DLA, Nero InCD etc)

Last but not least. Try using burning program RecordNow that came with your burner. It should be on the Sonic CD that came with your drive. It’s a great program that seems to work best with the 411S. Roxio has been known to cause all sorts of problems.