Lite on 411s laser problem?

I’ve been using this lite on 411s drive(made by buslink) for 3 months without any problems. But last week while writing an iso to the hard drive the partition table of that drive got scrambled and I’ve lost everything on it. Strangely when I checked the drive it had no physical errors. Since then the dvds I’ve written have had skips or freezes at the last few chapters. It took me 10 dvd+rs to figure out that it wasn’t a software problem. When I got to this forum(don’t remember how) I found a link to the fs0j firmware for my drive. After upgrading from fs0f to fs0j my drive starts to write normally again. I don’t even know if the writing problem was related to the hard drive problem. It’s not likely since they are on different controllers. My question is, if the writing problem was caused by the laser, will it occur again in another 3 months? If so, will flashing the firmware from fs0j to fs0j again fix it?

Hi H1Hummer Welcome to the Forum, I could be wrong but I don’t think is was laser problems you were having with your 411s, it was most likely a bad batch of media. even if they were from the same spindle, there could have been some bad ones mixed in. I found with my 411s after I updated to the latest firmware fs0j , that some of the media I tried and was unreadable before the firmware update , now it seems to work OK. In the LiteOn section of this Forum you can find some Media testing software , it always best to test your media before you burn on it, the 411s doesn’t like cheap or bad media so it’s best to stay away from them and use some of the better quality ones for a good burn.

The media I’ve been using are very expensive sony dvd+r. The first 9 I’ve written were perfectly readable. Then when the problem occurred 10 later ones I’ve made were consistently skipping. After I flashed the firmware I was able to make 5 readable copies.
But strangely the dvds that skipped are now perfectly readable by the 411s recorder after the firmware update, but they still skip on all other players. So it seems unlikely that the media is bad. There must be something seriously wrong with the drive. Most tech support faqs blame problems on bad media but I think it’s either a myth or a way to dodge complaints. I’ve written lots of cheap spindle cd-rs before getting the dvd writer. Not a single one went bad because of its quality. Also my friend uses cheap spindle 1x dvd-r with no brand name. He has written over 80 so far using his tdk writer without a problem. I was able to write a few of those using 411s also before the problem occured.

DVD media had almost 7 times the data jammed onto the same surface area as CD media. So of course this means that DVD media (especially cheap media) is less tolerable to errors then a CD. Trying to compare the two is not accurate.

What media are you using? Use DVDInfoPro to get the media code. Just because it’s Sony the media does not guarantee that it’s great quality. Sony does not manufacturer it’s own media it purchases from suppliers and packages it as Sony.

If there is a problem with the laser you can try gently hitting the drive for awhile. This has been reported to help in certain cases.