Lite-on 411s FS0F bin?

anyone got a link to the lite-on 411s FS0F bin?

The liteon util refuses to work on my nforce2 mobo!!


can’t help you with the .bin, but it may work if you either:

  • replace nforce ide-drivers with ms equivalent,
  • or temporarily disable dma

I also have a nforce2 and it works.
Try to update to the newest driverpack from nvidia. Finally, the IDE-SW seems to work as it should.
Otherwise switch to the generic Microsoft drivers.
If it still does not work PM me your email and I will send you the BIN.

Much better to use the official updater, as it often does more than just flash the firmware.

Can you specify this a bit further?
I hope it does not modify the eeprom :wink: ?

Originally posted by polka_brother
Can you specify this a bit further?
I hope it does not modify the eeprom :wink: ?

Fraid so, yes, in many cases they do, or so I’m told. They use them to make little tweaks.

Interesting. Although it conflicts a bit with the theory that the eeprom is purely drive-specific… Anyway, we can check if it really makes changes by comparing the eeproms before and after flashing. I just hope the official updater does not introduce any secret “upgrade protections” to the drive :wink:

well i was able to run the lite-on exe by hex editing it and zeroing out the constraints section which contained the drive model. (cannot remember the offset). Changing reboot=1 to 0 eliminates the need to reboot also.

It worked for me but dont try unless you are willing to kill your drive :wink:

Well, I even killed my drive - it did not show up in the BIOS anymore. Using mtkflash I was able to “resurrect” it. Wonderful tool.

I have the FS0F.BIN edited out of the package.exe

Flashed on my LDW-401S -> 411S and it’s still up and working.

Anyone want’s the FS0F.BIN file, just e-mail me
and I’ll send it up.

Have no clue where to post it, but can do so if someone
enlightens me.