Lite-on 411s dvd writer

I now have a “Lite-on 411s dvd writer”,what I need to know is what program would be best to use for burning.
I have “Nero6”,“Easycd”,…and “DLA” taken off an HP disk (the DLA works)
There were some programs that came with it,“Sonic MyDvd”, and “Power Dvd”,but here on my first day with it I have not had a lot of luck getting burning anything,.Mostly telling me that the disks are the wrong kind…I have tried all -r -rw +r +rw but it keeps throwing them out …nothing seems to work.
I have good box Xp Pro,lots of mem,works great on everything but this new DVD
Any help Please:a

Are you trying to backup your dvds or what ? kinda confused .

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Any help Please:a
Sure. But take a peek here, first :wink:

Well I want to use the dvd for storage of just about anything,I dont seem to get anyware with nero 6 (plus update)says its the wrong disk altho I have tried just about all kinds,…I was under the impression that with this drive I could use just about any disk,
I have used Nero and Easycd on a cd/rw drive for ages,I just thought that 4.7 gig of space was tempting so I bought this lite-on 411s,but at the moment I am thinking I wasted my money

Hm, you must for sure be doing something wrong.

You do select to start a DVD compilation in Nero? Also, what brand is the discs you are trying to use?

To be safe try with the included 4X DVD+RW, because that one should work for sure.

Also update the firmware to latest FS0F if you have not already done so.

Thanks for reply,I have now got my Lite-on 411s writer going ok…( I think).
I got rid of a lot of stuff and now have only Roxio easy cd 6 which seems to work ok
However in a previous reply you advised me to update the firmware to FSOF.
I downloaded it,unzipped it,and clicked the exe,it installed ok up 99% then locked up.
I tried several times with the same result.
I wondered if that is the normal procedure when installing firmware as I have never done it before…any advise would be appreciated.

im having alot of problems with this drive and dvd shrink…i get errors while trying to read encryption (my sony 500u has no problems) .

and fsof installed fine for me…

fixed with selecting region
i did a homer


have you tried using dvd 4 free …nice little program that deals with taking encryption away. That is where most problems come from and what version of dvd shrink ?

LOL oops this drive was shipped with no region set…so i had to play back a dvd and selected a region and now dvd shrink works fine…

firmware works fine and it does nice backups of protected games also this is a good drive!

i did a homer