Lite-On 411S drives unable to read CD's?



PLEASE HELP, this problem is eating at my sanity.

I have a problem reading CD’s. The problem persists with multiple drives and multiple OS’s (same PC). I have a Lite-On 411-S DVD-R/CD-R combo drive. At first, it worked fine with CD’s and DVD’s. Then it would simply not recognize CD’s. It would spin the CD for a while, and then act as if there was no disc in the drive. My system dual-boots WinXP and Linux. The same problem exists in both OS’s. The drive continued to read/write DVDs correctly. I updated firmware to newest available, but the problem persisted. I figured the drive was toast, so I RMA’d it, buf after installing the refurb, the problem persisted still. So, I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW KHYPERMEDIA DVD/CD combo drive, and LOW AND BEHOLD, I STILL CAN’T READ CD’s, even after applying newest firmware!!! Both drives can read/write DVD’s fine, but simply do not see CDs.

Interestingly, if a CD is left in the drive during reboot, the PC does ask me if I’d like to boot from the CD, but I have no bootable CD’s (nor any way to make one…), so I have no idea if it would actually boot the CD or not.

Seeing as how I am not a complete moron, I have already replaced the 80-conductor IDE cable to no avail. I have tried the drives on the primary and secondary IDE chains, and have tinkered with all the logical jumper settings. I have also checked all the related settings in my BIOS (newest avail BIOS). It should be noted that both OS’s are able to correctly use the drives in UDMA Mode-2.

I have also tried using the newest windoze IDE drivers from SiS, and from GigaByte (my mobo manuacturer).

I am at a complete loss. Could this just be case of bad luck, and all 3 drives have a laser-allignment issue? If so, that would be one HE11 of a coincidence!

I have a GigaByte mainboard, GA-8SG667 (SiS 648 chipset). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.