Lite-on 411S crazy question. Maybe I'm stupid!

Okay, I just bought the 411S and love it. I save a pioneer A06 and a Sony 510A as well and for the price, LITEON rocks. Here’s the question. I have been using DVDXCOPY for a long time and like it enough but I heard that CLONEDVD was good so I tried it. Every movie backup(yes I own the movies) that I make with the LITEON drive is rendered as a coaster. My computer doesn’t even see the disc after it’s done. The drive works fine with DVDXCOPY. Am I doing something wrong. What software should I use if not CLONE DVD?

There’s plenty of transcoding programs out there, like DVD2One or DVD Shrink. Check out our transcoding forum.

If your drive does not work with CloneDVD but it does with DVDxCopy then I think CloneDVD simply lacks support for it. Wait for an update maybe…

CloneDVD should work for you drive (since it worked with my 401s), although I did have some problems where it wouldnt close the disc at times. Not sure if it was the software or the drive.

I use DVDShrink and Nero 5.x.x.x - it’s a very good combination. Give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll love it!