Lite On 40X12X48 slave or master

Installed Lite on yesterday. Pulled my LG 8X4X32 and just used same jumper settings as before…CSEL (automatic selection). BIOS shows my DVD/CD player as master and the Lite on as slave. The DVD/CD is 12X/40X and am wondering if it makes a difference which one is slave or master. One person on another forum prefers making the faster reader the master. Does it really matter? If so, I will reset jumpers. I made only coasters or partially useable CDs with Fry’s GQ brand 32X but 40X TDK worked great.


At long as the drives are properly recognized, it doesn’t matter. Master and slave are just names for IDE settings of 0 and 1. Master is not superior to slave, just a different connection.

Some devices (like a boot hard drive on primary master) are expected to be found at a certain location. For this reason, it is preferable to locate a hard drive as master when another type of drive is on the same cable.

Theres no difference at all…but i always try to set my Wrtier as Master and my Cd-rom as slave using IDE 1.

Whereas my HDD i will try to set as IDE 0. As long as ypur Bios reconignse the cd_rom and writer, there wont be any problems.


I also set my writer/s to master and anything else on the same cable to slave.

I happen to have a 2 raid ports on my Abit BD7 so I’ve got my hd’s on those and my write on its own as master and my dvd on the second master.

Since the BIOS recognizes both devices correctly, guess I’ll just leave well enough alone for now. Going to try some different media and settings and see how things go.


When two devices are on one IDE channel, the speed of that channel will default to the lowest speed. I don’t believe that the Master/Slave config will make a difference though. I.E. If you have a PIO 4 and a PIO 2 Device on the same channel. That channel will not transfer faster than PIO 2.

i have my writer as secondary slave while my cdrom is primary slave. both is using UDMA mode. is this the best?

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i have my writer as secondary slave while my cdrom is primary slave. both is using UDMA mode. is this the best?

It doesn’t really matter if you have a resaonably new CD-Rom. And I really hope you aren’t going to copy on the fly anyway?

I have my Lite-On 32x as slave because when I choose CD-Rom as boot device in Bios it takes the master and I don’t want to install from my burner.