Lite-On 40X write errors?



Gotta buy a new burner ( if you wish see my thread about how my Plex died:

I am thinking about a Lite-On 40X, but I saw at that this drive produced a lot of write errors.
Is this correct?


It makes discs that may have a higher amount of C2 and C1 errors than other slower writers…

But the result is improved with firmware ZS0A.

And the problem is near non-exsisting if you use real 40X certified discs. The problem is most frequent with low quality discs/discs with low speed certification.

Personally I have no large problems with it…

And I’ll have a review finished in 2-3 weeks which will show how good the write quality is…


That problem is when writing at 40X speed I presume, going down to 32X then there is no write errors?
Ok…I get one…:slight_smile: