Lite-On 401S

I’m looking for the ES0G.bin filmware file to update. I can’t use the auto installer from lite-on because it dies every time I try running it. Would be very thankful.

PM me with an email and it’s on it’s way.

I’ve tried to flash the drive after getting the bin file for the ES0G Filmware and have tried mtkflash both dos and windows version. Both programs are great, but it will not flash the new filmware, because it states that it can not identify the flash type. I have not clue what to do with this. I can read cd’s, cdr’s, cdrw’s, and dvd’s I can write cd’s both in data or audio. but can’t write dvd’s every time I try to write dvd’s the programs quite responding. If anyone has any answers to any of this please help. I’ve tried everything I could and nothing seems to be working. Thanks in advance.

System specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512 MB DDR 400
VIA KT 400 chip set
Running a Raid Array with 2 40GB HD’s
Primary master IDE - Sony DVD-ROM(DDU1621)
Secondary Master IDE - Lite-On DVD+RW LDW-401S
OS - Windows 2000 SP4

(if there is any other system specs I need to list please let me know)

Try LTNFlash with the bin file.

Read this:


I had to use MTK flash to get to ES0G, then afterwards LTNFlash works. Go figure.

MtkFlask should work for you, most people get the syntax wrong which causes it to fail. “Can’t identify the flash type” is a sort generic message for not finding the file. It does not work in a comand prompt, BTW, got to be true DOS. I run it from a FAT partition, and the F/W file has to be in the same directory as MTKFlash. hope this helps.

Make sure that you’re using mtkflash 1.80 also.

I will try using the 1.8 version then as I’m using the 1.5. BTW - the build date is Aug2003. Will try that and see what happens. Thanks for the help guys.