Lite-on 401S ZebraMod



I have applied the “patcher_eeprom_401s@411s” crack because the Zebra mod wouldn’t work with my 401s
I then tried to apply the patched zebraMod_v4 firmware but I get “Failed to write bin code. (000000)”
can I get the Zebra mod to work on my 401s? thanks for any help.



Sign into THIS forum. :slight_smile: They have a very nice F A Q.


Yah - exactly like Pinto2 has explained. :wink:

Come here for the original and pure information. It seems, some un-named lamers in the seedy backendings of the internet have been taking the mod, repacking it, taking away the .nfo and basically mutilating the patcher. Only trust the info, from the source.