Lite on 401s@411@811 has problems burning DVD-R (w)

I have done all the proper procedures converting this drive initially to 411 and then to 811 using Zebra v 4 however I have never been lucky with burning -r (w). I tested several brands – That’s Write, memorex, Nashua, Mmore – only managed to burn successfully the Nashua -R. No luck whatsoever with -RW. The drive I have is a black OEM version made in August 2003 firmware version FSOG.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

brand names alone mean very little. Go to the sticky section at the top of the lite on forum and acquaint urself with the tools available. In particular, try out dvdinfopro to get the media code of the dvd in question. Then, check it out in the media forum to see the reports of past experiences of other users. U should know that the lite on drives are very fussy and picky about media. Just try and feed it some good stuff and u should be ok.