Lite-on 40125S upgraded



Big thanks to all people here who posted info on upgrading liteon drives via firmware!

Have a 40125S and it was playing up so I decided to update firmware, after digging around here I took the plunge and flashed it to a 48125W (VS0B). No problems and drive is working great!

Tried various burns at 40x and 48x PCAV and no issues.

On side note using Bulkpaq 40x cdr’s they keep showing up as 48x speed media and failing, other media fine???

Anyway site/forum was a great help!




I also have the 40125S but i still have the zs0p
zs0p is OK : no overburning simulation bug, can hadle a good number of protect audio CD and good media support…
so does it exists a so good FW for 48125W too?
mt rainier, handling audio protected discs, working overburn test, nice media support?
my major dobut is for audio Cds…:confused: :confused:



Firmare VS0B and later for LiteOn 48125W can read most protected audio un-cds as well


fine, thanks alexnoe… I will update my drive soon I think:D
how much soon? i’m going to DL firmware and flash fix right now:bigsmile:


Originally posted by AdriAgri

so does it exists a so good FW for 48125W too?
mt rainier, handling audio protected discs, working overburn test, nice media support?

Don’t look too far, [COLOR=purple]VS0D will meet your needs. [/COLOR]


OK, I’ve put into the drive the VS0D firmware:
the drive works:

  1. OK with disc readind:bigsmile:
  2. OK with Mt.rainier RWs (with new incd :slight_smile:

I have to test the quality of writing, I’ve only added a session to a disk @ 48X and burned and old verbatim @ 24X
I don’t know how much good the drive performs @ 48X
now… but it should be OK I guess…
Someone in the past said the original 48125W writes better the the 40125S@48125W … @ 48X … I guess it was only an exception :stuck_out_tongue:



Sorry if I kick the thread.

I also have a 40125S Lite-on.
I thought I flash it also to the 48125W.

Using litefirm23 to set the VS0D.exe to vs0d.bin.
No problems.

Then I downloaded mtkflash 1.62.

Restart the PC.
Go to dos with starting windows 98 and pressing F8 and select
go DOS safemode.

I created a backupfile of my excist firmware using command:
mtkflash 3 r /b /m a:\zs0p.bin
No errors.

Then Reboot the system.

Again to DOS to flash the vs0d.bin into my liteon.
Command: mtkflash 3 w /b a:\vs0d.bin
No errors.

Reboot the system.
Then the bios didn’t detect my lite-on.
Powerdown also didn’t help.

The only thing is that the light still on is of the lite-on.

I also try to flash my old bios back but that also didn’t help :frowning:

Please I can use some help.


I have solve my problem thanx to this great forum :smiley:

I searcht and found this weblink

found there the windows version of mtkflash version

using the bin file from the one it wil be after the flash(vs0d.bin)

Testing it and it works great :smiley:
Now i also have a working 40125S@48125W :smiley: