Lite-on 40125s states cr r in use when its not

Pleeaze help.
I’ve had this drive for about 12 mos - no probs - burns quickly etc then… i decided to try copying some files onto cd-rw discs. used the lite-on disc that came with it 1st. had problems - wizard stated couldn’t copy, tried again & after a couple of times it worked. Then tried memorex discs. same again until the last time… wouldn’t burn onto the cdrw disc & since then every time i try to copy an audio disc it will not burn - get message ‘the cdr drive is in use - wait until this burning task is complete & then try again’ but obviously it’s not in use. the drive will play audio cd’s & i can put programmes on the computer from data cds - it just won’t burn a cd 'cos it thinks it’s already doing it!

i’ve tried uninstalling & reinstalling the drive & have even uninstalled it & unplugged the leads from the back then plugged tham back in & restarted but same answer.

can anyone help?

It’s my husbands birthday next week & i wanted to copy some old vinyl to cd for him!:bow:

Are you using Nero InCd? If so, try upgrading it to the newest version.

I think this link will do it: I believe i have a copy of the lastest InCD that I can send you if you’d prefer.