Lite-On 40125s settings in EAC?

Lite-On 40125s settings in Exact Audio Copy?

A question for all you Lite-On 40125s owners out there…

Just picked one of these babies up and would like to know what settings you are using in EAC. Or if its in a database, where would I find it? Are you able to burn now with 09b4?

By the way, what Firmware are you using. I have heard that the latest ZS08 and leaked ZS0G can be bad with audio. I’m using ZS0A for now.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Moving it to Audio forum since I’m not a professional EAC user :wink:

To my experience firmware ZS0A gives the best write quality, so for audio I suggest you stick with that version for now.

Don’t know if it is already supported… in 0.9b2 version my ltr-40125s came into an endless loop when writing the lead-out, allthought the burned cd came out OK. I will test the latest version this weekend.


Then it’s still a problem as it did this to me last night. Had to reboot to stop the Burning process. The CD seemed fine though afterwards…but I don’t like to do this.

Using firmware ZS0A now, per recommendation below. Was using ZS0D when it looped at lead-out.

Wondering if we are using the wrong settings to cause this though. What are your settings Upp3rd0G? I’m using the same spec’s as 24x burner listed on SATCP website.

I think I will use Burnatonce to burn for now. But I will have to combine both read and write offsets together to get perfect clone. Now if I can only find my notes on how to do that :wink:


It is just not properly supported I think. Don’t think the settings you mention have anything to do with the lockup during writing of leadout.